11 April 2015 – Stock Up After the Folk Festival Break

The team from South Coast Cheese in the heart of Central Tilba have a sensational selection of full cream jersey cow milk and hand made cheeses.  Why not give the 3 Udders Brie a try.

Those celebrating Greek Easter will be pleased to find Alpine Nuts are back for the season.  Ian will have ‘wet’ green walnuts available which are new season walnuts still in their husks.

Holbrook Paddock Eggs have been inundated with phone orders for white shelled eggs that are perfect for dying and cracking for those also celebrating Greek Easter.

Mixed packs of the Cool Climate Heirloom Tomato packs are super tasty.  If you have a family who can’t decide on one type of small tomatoe, then these packs are perfect for you!  The Black Russian, Green Zebra and Golden Jubilee really pack a flavour punch and add great colour to meals. Cool Climate Tomatoe Selection

If you haven’t already discovered the culinary delight that is Dinner Rush, then you are missing out.  Siobhan makes take home meals for the entire family but also does a cracker of a salad.  It’s that good, you won’t want to share it!  Don’t think a few lettuce leaves slapped together, think pearl couscous, quinoa, walnuts & labneh with a pomegranate dressing. 

The team from the Canberra Institute of Technology will be cooking for us, showcasing seasonal produce, while we have a Rotary project known as Shelter Box setting up a disaster aid ‘box’ for display.

And YES, we will be trading on Anzac Day.  There are no planned Saturday breaks until Christmas 2015.




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