27 March 2015 – Stock Up for the Easter Break

Nothing says AUTUMN like CHESTNUTS!  Our Batlow growers, Terry & Christine Peel from Featherdale Chestnuts are back .  And with a surname like Peel, you know they know their stuff.  Terry knows how to hot roast a chestnut and will send you on your rounds of the market aisles with warm hands and a happy tummy.

There are recipe cards available at their stall (number 116) that showcase this tasty morsel in sweet dishes as well as savoury.  Toss them through a salmon pasta or enjoy them in a chocolate tart.

The crew from Hillside Pastured Farm have now added pork to their produce list.  Daniel & Christine launched their nitrate free bacon and hams last market.  Use it fresh or keep some frozen for those unscheduled Easter cooked breakies.

Mick our ever smiling grower from Leeton has a new melon.  The white fleshed rockmelon has a Spanish name that we can’t spell or pronounce but in true Australian style, it has been nicknamed the ‘Skin of the Toad’.  The skin does resemble toad skin, but the flavour is sensational.  Hop hop hop on over to Auddino’s Produce for a taste. Skin of the Toad Rockmelon-1

Who doesn’t love Hot Cross Buns??!! Bread Nerds don’t use a pre-made bun mix, all their hot cross buns are made from scratch using flour, butter, eggs & their own blend of five different spices. Loads of fruit including sultanas, currants and peel, then glazed with their own in house bun glaze. There is a small amount of yeast that allows the buns to prove slowly. This develops a better flavour in the dough.

Thanks goodness it’s chocolate season again.  Chocolate technically doesn’t have a season but during the Summer sometimes Robyn Rowe and Patisserie Valerie take a break.  Have no fear they are back and loaded with all things chocolate.  Eat them yourself or gift them during the Easter period.   

Don’t forget our CRFM Recipe Books are for sale at the Rotary Help Desk.  Plenty of great recipes and an insight into the lives of the stallholders and market masterminds.

The Sing Australia Blokes Choir will be performing as well.  The Blokes will be doing an Anzac tribute.

Remember that there is no market next Saturday 4 April due to the Folk Festival taking occupancy of the entire EPIC facility.  See you back here bright and early 11 April.  Happy Easter!

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