2 May 2015 – CIT Cooking in the Kitchen

The first Saturday of the month means we have the team from the Canberra Institute of Technology (CIT) in the kitchen.  You can see Chef Ivonne Nathan with Rotary Apprentice Chef Scholarship winner Keith Small.  CIT Ivonne

They will be featuring fish, fennel, walnuts and other tasty seasonal delights

For something different try the dried persimmons from our friends at Torry Hill Orchards, and a few stalls up you will find the dried Nashi rings from Clearview Organics.  Both are great for kids lunches, throwing on a cheese platter or on top of your favourite muesli.

Owen from Dream Cuisine is making the most of the chestnut season with his chocolate/chestnut tarts.

Sadly the berry season from Borenore has come to an end.  Some frozen berries can be found at Ellamatta Orchard.


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