Antipasto Anyone??

Duck Pate with Porcini & Port from Fine Terrines & Pate

Pate Plate


Liver pâtés are the most common and popular styles of pâté that can be found in Australia.

Main ingredients for pâté are liver (such as chicken, duck, pork), butter, white wine, onion, garlic, spices, seasoning. The onions are caramelised, livers are then sauteed and braised in the wine. The mixture is then blended with butter, seasoned and set in a tub, and the top is typically sealed with gelatine.

Once the basic technique is mastered, flavours can be added.  Herbs such as lemon thyme and sage work well.  Spices such as nutmeg are traditional.  If you wish to add alcohol to the mix, Cognac, Grand Marnier or Port are best.  Be sure to add these at the end of the cooking process to maximise the flavour.

Benito Olives from Homeleigh Grove

‘Benito’ olives are pretty rare in Australia, buOlivest some are grown on local trees on the ACT/NSW border at Hall.

The trees tend to bear heavily every second year and are only suitable for table olives.

The olives are picked black but tend to lose a little colour in the de-bittering process.

They have PITS – any locally produced olives will have pits as pitting machines are very expensive and there are very few of them in Australia and there are none in this region.

The olives are de-bittered in a 10% brine and when ready (they pass the ‘taste test’ as being eatable!) they are then preserved in a 6% brine.  If someone wants them less salty, then just put them in fresh water in the fridge overnight. De-bittering takes about 12 months.

Cheese from Leaning Oak Dairy

Direct from Mudgee, Goat St Maure is a fresh delicately flavoured goat curd.

It is one of our most popular cheeses at EPIC.

As an addition to antipasto its delicate flavours complement rather than compete with other goodies on the platter.

It is also great with pasta, egg dishes and especially mushrooms and makes a great cheese cake.



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