26 September 2015

What happened to Spring??

Due to the extra cold winter and  subsequent frosty mornings experienced locally this week there seems to be a delay in the Spring produce arriving however,  asparagus is already available from some growers and hopefully more fresh, new season produce will be arriving soon!!

In the meantime we have plenty of other goodies to focus on….

Wallaroo Background Graphic

A sparkling Riesling – unique and quite like a champagne, but with the lovely Riesling characteristics.

It’s made in the traditional method – bottle fermented, and reflects the apricot and lemon tones which is a characteristic of the region; Canberra grows beautiful Riesling fruit, and this was the first of its kind in the district.

Last year it won silver at the Canberra Region Wine Show and bronze at the Decanter World Wine Awards and is available from Wallaroo Wines


Pure Fresh Orange Juice – made from a combination of Hamlin and Salustiana mid-season Valencias grown in Leeton and available from Auddino’s Produce.

Hamlin is renowned for being great for juicing, they are round with a smooth skin, dark yellow/dull orange in colour.

Salustiana is rare variety with Spanish origins, almost seedless but sweet and juicy making a perfect partner in juice with the Hamlin.

Strawberries – Camerosa

With Californian origins and grown as a winter variety from May through to December, Camerosa is a large heart shaped fruit with a shiny skin and very sweet tasting.Camilleri

Muesli bags

This is the last week for hot porridge as a breakfast treat whilst you wander around the market, so a special brew using Real Chai is being prepared; make sure you stop by and try some from The Muesli Bar.


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