What’s the go with bio?

Capital Region Farmers Market Biodynamic Stallholder Vince from Moorlands Biodynamic Lamb with a lamb and sheepdogBiodynamic – it’s a buzz word you hear now and then. But do you know what biodynamic food is? Simply put, biodynamic agriculture is a method of organic farming that treats soil fertility, plant growth and livestock care as ecologically interrelated tasks. It has a lot in common with organic farming in that it uses manures and composts and excludes chemicals, but biodynamic farming is much more than that.

Moorlands Biodynamic Lamb are doing this very well. Vince and Janet Heffernan of Dalton in NSW specialise in Australia’s best tasting lamb. The old Dutch breed, Texel, is the genetic base for their sheep which graze pasture all year round only 85km from the Market – great low food miles! No chemicals are used on the farm and the organic/biodynamic process is assured through full Demeter certification. You can buy direct from Moorlands with serve sized portions or bulk buy packs.

Sue Armstrong and Greg Olliver from Greenhill Farm in Bungendore near Canberra, have been operating their family 1100 acre biodynamic grazing property for ten years. They breed and grow premium beef from their Angus-based herd using stress-free management, no artificial chemicals of any kind, graze the cattle on pasture only and really put an emphasis on the balancing the health of the plants – the health of the animals depends on the health of the plants on which they feed, just as our health is influenced by what we eat. Greenhill Farm is also fully certified by Demeter and you can enjoy biodynamic beef products from Greenhill Farm at the Market.

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