What kind of market shopper are you?

Visitors and shoppes at the Capital Region Farmers MarketWe’ve been around for long enough now to have really taken notice of our customers that come through the Market. And we’ve determined a few common market shopper types we’ve really noticed around the place.

First up, there’s the loyal customers – these are the shoppers we see week in week out, they really get to know our stallholders and produce inside out, and love what the Market represents. Then there’s the browsers – these are the customers who love visiting us for the atmosphere, the feel of the place and they just love seeing what’s in that day and what happens to take their fancy. We all love a good bargain, especially our bargain hunters– always up for the best buys, markdowns, two for ones and reduced stock at closing time. Next up, our impulse buyers.  They come in for one thing and walk out with something completely different – or better still, ten completely different things they never knew they needed.  And of course, the list tickers. You know the type – prepare the menu, write the structured list, just grab what they need – and if it’s not on the list, it’s not even looked at.

Of course, we know everyone has a little of each type in them depending on the day, and that’s what we love about our Market. Getting to know the people we meet each week…so, which market shopper type best describes you?

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