Cherry Clafoutis

Cherry Clafoutis

50g ground almonds
15g strong plain flour
100g caster sugar
2 large free-range eggs
3 large egg yolks, extra
250ml double cream
300g ripe fresh cherries, stoned
Unsalted butter, softened (for greasing)
Icing sugar, sifted, to dust
Good pinch of sea salt

Special equipment
6 shallow gratin dishes or tins, 10 cm diameter

Preheat oven to 200°C.
Blend ground almonds, flour, salt, and caster sugar in a food processor for a few seconds.
Add the whole eggs, yolks and cream.
Blend to a smooth batter, scraping down sides of bowl once or twice.
Tip batter into a jug or bowl. Cover and rest in fridge.
Grease gratin dishes with softened butter.
Scatter cherries in the dishes.
Stir the batter in the jug or bowl, then pour evenly over the cherries.
Bake approx. 15 min until risen and golden brown*.
Dust with icing sugar and serve immediately.

*Note: The middle may not rise as much as the edges but it should be set. If not, bake for a little longer.

Prepared by:
Ivonne Nathan
Culinary Skills Teacher
Trade Skills and Vocational Learning
Canberra Institute of Technology

For further information on courses in culinary
visit cit.edu.au phone (02) 6207 3188 or
email [email protected].

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