Christmas food – yummo!

Various brightly coloured fresh fruit and vegetables from the Capital Region Farmers MarketYou must agree, an integral part of anyone’s Christmas is the food. It’s the best time of year to share with family and friends and laugh and love over a bowl of cherries, splendid seafood and delectable cakes, puddings and gourmet treats. Lucky the markets have plenty of these delicious Christmas goodies, and it’s great knowing your Christmas food is fresh, has lower food miles and your purchases are assisting farmers and producers.

Over the coming weeks, the Market will have everything from fresh live Christmas trees to fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables including seriously good cherries, meats such as Christmas hams, puddings, cakes, chocolates and many other sweet delights. And of course, for an Aussie Christmas there’s plenty of fresh seafood including fish, oysters and prawns. We’ll also be selling Christmas Hampers, the Farmers Market Cook Book, and Gift Cards from now until Christmas, which are all gifts sure to delight food lovers.

And our Christmas Hampers are pretty awesome too. You can get them from The Muesli Bar for either $59 or $89 each, and they’re sure to delight food lovers. You can also order the hampers online from The Muesli Bar’s website.

Image credit: Instagram, @thefoodmarshall
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