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 Apple & Ginger Juice:      

The juice is cold pressed, unpasteurized and only fresh home grown apples are used.

There are no additives, preservatives or flavouring… but that means a short expiry date!

Australian ginger is added for flavour and health benefits such as good digestion, motion sickness and muscle pain and soreness.

A mix of apples is used for a well-balanced flavour, mostly seconds –  which are either misshapen or a little too ripe for sale, available from

Treetops – Batlow



Lindfield Park Produce grown on the slopes of Mount Canobolas near Orange at above 1100 meters in rich volcanic soil – they call them Apricots with Altitude!!

Apricots are an Asian tree with a tart, sweet fruit, originating in China.

Apricots are one of the highest- altitude fruit crops,  this particular variety is HUNTER which is a low blush late ripening with a low juice content and flavourful meaty flesh- ideal for drying.


 Hickory Smoked Olives:

The olives used for smoking are the Californian Queen and Kalamata.

A method called “greek style” is used to dry the olives and remove the bitterness.

Olives are placed in a clean cotton bag with salt and then left to hang for about 3 weeks and should be shaken every couple of days. The salt cures the olives and removes the bitterness.

Once they are ready (no longer bitter) they are washed and then smoked for 1 – 11/2 hours then coated with olive oil and are ready to enjoy with some nice cheese and a glass of wine, available from River Road Nursery


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