NEW: Come and taste Elhadia’s Delights

Tradtional Algerian dishes at the Capital Region Farmers MarketCouscous, we bet you’ve tried it before. But we also bet you haven’t tried couscous like that made by Elhadia and her family from Elhadia’s Delights.

Elhadia comes from an Algerian family based in Canberra and prepares all of her dishes before Saturday’s market, then makes the healthy couscous on the spot and fresh during the Market. The couscous dishes include traditional lamb, vegetarian and sultana and almond varieties made using family Algerian recipes, the only question you’ll have is which to try first.

Elhadia’s Delights is new to the Market and is located in the new outdoor food area, making it perfect to buy your couscous dish, take a seat and enjoy. Yum!

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