Our honeys are winners

Bees filling honeycombs in the hiveWe love honey. And our popular stallholders Win’s Creek Honey and Honey Delight, which spawned Canberra Urban Honey,  are some of the reasons we all love it so much. These two have been awarded yet again, this time for their honey and meads…at the Sydney Royal Easter Show no less.

Win’s Creek won two First Place awards, one each for their Dry Mead and Sweet Mead, and Champion Mead for the dry. Another of our popular honey stallholders, Honey Delight, also scored with their family business run by 20 year old beekeeper Mitchell Pearce – Canberra Urban Honey. They won a gold medal for their urban honey at the show. And of course you can find Win’s Creek and Honey Delight every Saturday at the Market.

Congratulations Win’s Creek and Honey Delight (Canberra Urban Honey)!

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