It’s a bonza season for fruit and veg

Fresh apples at the Capital Region Farmers MarketIt’s Bonza apple season! And there are plenty of these beauties around as we’re in peak Bonza apple season right now. Bonza apples are unique to Australia and originated in Batlow after being cultivated by chance 30 years ago. These apples have a green/cream background colour with 50-60% red blush and are characterised by a very white firm flesh, odd looking in shape and a semi-sweet flavour.

Batlow Bonzas are an early season apple and are available now until the end of May.

The Market also has some delicious new season Pink Lady and Rosy Glow apples in season right now. Coming into the cooler months, you’ll also soon see the appearance of imperial mandarins, persimmons, brussels sprouts, finger limes and kiwi fruit. Time to stock up that winter fruit bowl and dose up on your natural vitamins and antioxidants. Yum!

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