Micro Greens…Maxi flavour

CRFM-MayEnews-MrMicrogreens_croppedMicrogreens really punch above their weight when it comes to colour, flavour, nutrients and antioxidants. And Market newcomer, Mister Microgreens, is now selling living microgreens in punnets with unique varieties including purple/lime/Thai basil, red dandelion, chrysanthemum tops, chard, red radish, wheat/barley/oat grass, dill and mustard.

These tiny vegetable greens are used both as a visual and flavour component or ingredient – smaller than baby greens and harvested before sprouts, microgreens can provide a variety of delicate textures and distinctive flavours such as sweet and spicy. Microgreens are also known for their various colours making them great for garnishing salads, soups, plates, and sandwiches.

Mister Microgreens herbs are grown right in Canberra, typically taking only 2- 4 weeks to get from germination to harvest. You can buy individual herbs from the 15 or so varieties offered, or mix and match for different blends. Check these little guys out on your next visit.

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