River Road Nursery win big at The Canberra Show

River Road Nursery at the Canberra ShowWe are always proud of our stallholders winning industry awards – this time around it’s a nursery who’s won big. River Road Nursery has taken out three major awards at this year’s Royal Canberra Show for their stunning roses.

River Road won first prize at the show in the Rose Championship category. It was another first prize for the Bunch Roses category – three cuts, same cultivar – and a second prize in the container of Floribunda Roses category.

River Road Nursery is located at Oaks Estate in the ACT, and at the Market they sell seasonal potted colour, perennials, roses, citrus, nut trees, ornamentals, hedging plants, natives, succulents, conifers and more. River Road is locally owned and operated and has been providing the Canberra community with plants for over 25 years. Be sure to stop to see their great selection on your next visit to stock your garden with quality plants that are already acclimatised to Canberra conditions. And a big congratulations on the show award wins!