What’s in season? Jerusalem artichokes, kale and winter veg galore

It’s chilly. Time to bust out the soups, stews and casseroles to help you get through those cooler winter months. And right now at the Market we have plenty of great winter veg to keep you going. Jerusalem artichokes – ever had one? Also known as the sunroot, sunchoke, earth apple or topinambour, they are a species of sunflower which is cultivated for its tuber which is used as a root vegetable. They are good in stews and roasted, and are known to be high in potassium, help lower blood pressure and decrease blood cholesterol. You can find Jerusalem artichokes now from Kurrawong Organics. Other winter veg in high stocks right now include parsnips, pumpkin and swedes which you can pick up fresh form Melissa Pure Fresh Honey, Dilliro Vegetables, Kurrawong Organics and Deua River Farm Produce. Plus, the mandarins are out to help ward off the winter sniffles. Get your fresh, juicy, vitamin C packed mandarins from our friends at Auddino’s Produce and Warwick Morris – Fruit & Veg.

Jerusalem artichokes at the capital region farmers market


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