NEW: Superbao’s super bao save the day

Superbao at the Capital Region Farmers Market

Our new stallholder, Superbao, are the Market’s newest heroes. Their super fresh, super delicious, super authentic bao are the perfect treat for your Saturday morning shop.

Angel and Paul are Superbao’s creators. The pair both grew up in China with full hearts and a passion for delicious food. Their vision? That every bite of their bao can be a super moment.

‘We have faith in our food. Good food not only fill the stomach but also light up the day. That’s why we are persistent in hand making all steam buns to ensure the soft and fluffy texture,’ says Angel. ‘Our fillings are inspired by authentic local recipes from different countries and regions.’

So what flavours of bao do Superbao sell?

Pork Belly Bao, which is the most traditional and signature Bao EVER! Superbao’s pork belly is cooked in traditional Taiwan style and served with crushed peanuts, pickled cabbage and coriander leaves. The pork belly has been slow cooked for hours and is so soft that it melts in the mouth. The light sour flavour of traditionally pickled cabbage plays up the perfect balance in taste.

Shanghai Duck Bao. Their duck recipe comes from memories of mum’s home cooking. Stewed in soy sauce and Chinese spices, the duck absorbs all the flavours and retains the juicy moisture. When eating, squeezing a slice of orange on the duck will amplify the rich and decadent taste.

Crispy Fried Chicken Bao. Chicken thigh marinated overnight, coated with their secret flour recipe and deep fried. The outside is so crispy yet the chicken inside is juicy, tender, full of flavours. Drizzled with their saffron mayo sauce, this bao is gorgeous looking as well as tasting.

Panko Tofu Bao. Crumbed with panko flour, white and black sesame seeds, the fried tofu bao are popular choices for vegetarians.

The team aims to use as many local ingredients as possible, including pork belly from Boxgum and mushrooms from Gooda Creek.

Superbao will be at the Capital Region Farmers Market every Saturday. Get in early as they’ve been selling out quickly!

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