Capital Region Farmer’s Market

Capital Region Farmer’s Market

Apr 24
Growing local support for Canberra Region plant nurseries and growers as the industry calls for long-term change in consumer behaviour

Off the back of increasing political scrutiny of the market monopolisation and market…

Sep 07
Producer in Focus – Jonima Flowers

We’re all enjoying welcoming spring into our lives, but nobody is blooming stronger or…

Sep 07
What’s in Season – Asian Greens

Spring has officially sprung! After a cold couple of months, it’s the time of year…

Aug 02
What’s in Season – Citrus

As we step into the last month of winter, we’re all searching for ways we can brighten…

Aug 02
Why you should shop direct from producers at Market and the power of supporting local with Narooma Seafood

Farmer’s Markets are special for so many reasons. The Market gives producers and…

Jul 07
What’s in Season – Truffles

This year’s truffle season has officially kicked off at the Market, with offerings…

Jul 07
Producer in focus – Our local truffle farmers

With truffles so popular at the Market right now, we thought this would be a good…

Feb 03
Producer in Focus – Homeleigh Grove

Homeleigh Grove is one of our original stallholders, and their almost two decades of…

Feb 03
What’s in Season: Tomatoes

At the Market, we’re very lucky to be able to offer fresh tomatoes year-round due to…

Aug 08
Meet the stallholder: Steve and Rob from Formichi Smallgoods

Want to put a face to the business where you get your produce at the Market each week?…

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