Producer in Focus – Jonima Flowers

We’re all enjoying welcoming spring into our lives, but nobody is blooming stronger or with more colour than this month’s producer in focus: Jonima Flowers.

Jonima Flowers is a small flower farm based in the village of Yanderra, situated on the border of the Southern Highlands and the Macarthur Region of NSW. Jonima Flowers is a full family affair, with husband-and-wife John and Nicola steering the ship, and their four children Daniella, Luca, Nicola, and Marco all involved in farm operations.

Jonima Flowers cultivate, grow, nurture, and harvest over 100 different varieties of flowers and foliage on their farm, with an ever-changing portfolio of flowers ready to be purchased and enjoyed. The farm places high importance on environmentally friendly practices and considers sustainability a core value of their business. Their planting program is designed to work in balance with the local natural environment, and the farm is dedicated to recycling, mulching, and composting practices.

“It sounds like silence on the farm, but there’s so much more. The buzzing of bees. The whistle of bell birds. The scattering of finches. The sighing of the wind through the blooms, carrying the scent of roses, daphne, lilac, and sometimes the honey scent of grevilleas and flowering gum. And the sweet-smelling soil, warmed by the sun.” (source Jonima Flowers)

As well as wholesale selling, Jonima Flowers also create beautiful, hand-picked bouquets that are custom-curated to each customer using a variety of in-season blooms grown on the farm. The farm also produces flowers for special occasions, and John loves connecting with marketgoers at Market to see how they can create arrangements that are unique and one-of-a-kind.

At the moment, Jonima Flowers has a range of new blooms available with the change of the season. Next time you’re at Market, make a stop at Jonima Flowers to find their perfumed freesias and sweet pea, poppies, gerberas, ranunculus, and an array of stunning native flowers. If you’re looking for something more curated, they also have bouquets available for purchase at the stall.

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