What’s in Season – Asian Greens

Spring has officially sprung! After a cold couple of months, it’s the time of year where Canberra begins to thaw, and the flowers begin to bloom. With a new season comes an array of new fresh produce including Asian greens.

Asian greens, the hero of the stir-fry and the heart of a variety of delicious Asian dishes. Bok choy, Chinese broccoli, and bok sum are just some of the Asian greens that grow during the spring months in Australia. Densely packed with nutrients and bursting with flavour, these greens are a wonderful way to get your daily vegetables in. Asian greens come in a range of different shapes and sizes, with taste profiles ranging from sweet and buttery, to spicy and peppery.

Asian greens are a rich source of zeaxanthin, carotenes lutein, B-vitamin folate, and mineral magnesium, making them amazing resources for muscular and eye health. So, not only do you get delicious taste profiles, but you’re also fueling your body with every bite.

Market stallholders Wei Rong Guo have a variety of fresh Asian greens available, including bok choy, Chinese spinach, as well as a variety of fresh Asian vegetables. Organic Asian Greens can also be discovered at Rita’s Farm

Next time you’re stuck for a dinner idea, try making a dish with Asian greens sourced from your latest trip to the Market. A hearty noodle soup with delicious bok choy or a blanched choy sum. Our mouths are watering just thinking about it!

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