August Stallholder News

New Stallholders

We’ve got lots of new stallholders joining us this month. 

If you haven’t already discovered Brown Mountain Trout Farm, then be sure to get in early to pick up some super fresh Rainbow Trout from Phil and Julie which they farm on their property at Bemboka NSW.

We also have new stallholder Pepo Farms who are joining us from Ovens in Victoria and are Australia’s only grower of pumpkin seeds. Pepo farms started producing pumpkin seed oil 20 years ago, and have expanded to producing seven flavours of pumpkin seeds including raw, roasted, lightly salted, wood smoked, mild chilli, hot cajun and dairy-free dark chocolate. They also have a social enterprise called the ‘Artisan Mill’ where they support 42 Australian nut and seed growers. The Artisan Mill produces a range of raw, roasted, chocolate-coated seeds and nuts, along with gluten-free flours and beautiful tasting oils. Pepo Farms will be attending the market every 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month. 

Have you been missing juice at the Market? Us too. Ma Fresh Juice has joined the market selling fresh orange juice and mulled apple juice – perfect for a chilly winter morning. 

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