Capital Region Farmer’s Market

Capital Region Farmer’s Market

Aug 08
Our mission to make it easy to be green

Plastic bags are a hot topic right now. So much so, that we’re doing all that we can…

Aug 08
What’s in season? Far out, Brussels sprouts!

Brussels sprouts have been given a bad rap over the years, which, quite frankly, we…

Aug 08
Meet the stallholder: Steve and Rob from Formichi Smallgoods

Want to put a face to the business where you get your produce at the Market each week?…

Jul 09
Meet the stallholder: Valerie from Patisserie Valerie

This month –  meet Valerie from Patisserie Valerie. Valerie makes handmade chocolates…

Jul 09
Mush fuss over Shoalhaven Mushrooms

We’re getting all mushy mushy over one of our fabulous stallholders, Shoalhaven…

Jul 09
Sing Australia Canberra to serenade the Market again

Back by popular demand, the Sing Australia Canberra Blokes Group will be serenading…

Jul 09
What’s in season? ‘av an avo, grapple a custard apple

Everyone’s favourite on-trend fruit, the avocado, is in season right now. Whether you…

Jul 09
NEW: Lovin your guts at The Gut Shoppe

Do you love your gut? You really should. More and more recent research is proving a…

Jul 09
Straws Suck! Market moves to reduce single-use plastics

Yes, they do. Straws really suck. Have you ever thought about the environmental impact…

Jun 07
NEW: Superbao’s super bao save the day

Our new stallholder, Superbao, are the Market’s newest heroes. Their super fresh,…

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