Producer in focus – Our local truffle farmers

With truffles so popular at the Market right now, we thought this would be a good opportunity to introduce you to our regular truffle producers: Terra Preta Truffles, Turalla Truffles, and La Truffiere

La Truffiere operate a farm on The Mountain Road between Wamboin and Bungendore. One of the family members, Joelle, was born and raised in Le Périgord, home of the famous Black Truffle meaning truffles are a part of life for the family. Also part of the family are their beautiful border collies, who have been trained since pups to recognise the truffle’s distinct aroma. 

Joelle says that truffles need a few good frosts to really complete their flavour profile. She enjoys every way you can eat truffles, but with the best truffles it’s hard to beat the simplicity of finely sliced truffle with a high-quality butter on a nice piece of toast. 

Turalla Truffles also hails from near Bungendore, just out of Canberra, and have been visiting the Market since Damian first brought their black Périgord truffles. 

Terra Preta Truffles come from a bit further out of town, just outside the historic township of Braidwood. The whole family gets involved on their chemical free farm, whether it be training the dogs, truffling, washing, grading, packing, delivering or promoting. 

Kate says it’s great to see the next generations of their family coming up and showing an interest in the farm. 

“You’ll be seeing Rita at our stall this year. She took over the stall from her big brother Keith, who took it over from me, their Mum. She’s a student at ANU and our number one dog trainer. We are now up to the third generation, though my three-year-old granddaughter Mae is still learning.” 

“We’ve enjoyed a long association with the Capital Region Farmers Markets and are greatly looking forward to continuing with our stall this truffle season and seeing old friends and new,” said Kate.  

“We are very proud of our truffles. Terra Preta Truffles can be enjoyed at many fine dining establishments in Canberra as well as Sydney, Melbourne and overseas.” 

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