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Why you should shop direct from producers at Market and the power of supporting local with Narooma Seafood

Farmer’s Markets are special for so many reasons.

The Market gives producers and stallholders a direct connection to their communities. They can meet other stallholders, chat with marketgoers, and sell their products directly to consumers on their terms.

After a tough couple of months for our Australian farmers and producers, the value of the Market is more prominent than ever.

We talked to Hayley Abbott, long-time Market’s stallholder from Narooma Seafood on the business’ experience at farmers markets and the benefits of shopping direct.

Narooma Seafood began attending farmers markets in 2013 after the stability of their third-generation business was put at risk due to their products selling at low prices through wholesale retailers. 

“This frustrated us as the prices we see at the retail point were exorbitantly inflated, and the fishermen were struggling to survive.”

Making the change to farmers markets changed the direction of Narooma Seafood and gave us a new lease on life, Hayley says. By selling directly to marketgoers, they can set their own prices on their catches and are no longer reliant on the fluctuations of seasons and catch rates.

Another benefit of the Market for Narooma Seafood is the ability to remove barriers and receive feedback from customers on their product. They are now able to explain and show to the public how to identify sustainably sourced fish when purchasing, and the rules and regulations that fishermen follow to ensure the longevity of their wild-caught seafood industry.

Purchasing from a small family business has a “much greater impact than through larger retail outlets” Hayley says, as the money is shared through local communities and supports other small businesses, community groups, charities, and local families.

“I would recommend people come down and talk to the farmers, fishermen and all the producers to know where their food comes from, what they are eating, and what they are feeding their families.”

Next time you’re at Market, make a stop at Narooma Seafood to talk about the power of supporting local, and to see the selection of fresh and delicious seafood they have on offer.

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