Support for our strawberry farmers going strong

For strawberry farmers across the country, last week was one to forget, with the contaminated needle scare sending Australia into a panic. However, we are so thankful and proud of the Canberra community, who have rallied behind our local farmers and taken the ‘Cut them up, don’t cut them out’ stance. Your support was so strong C & D Camilleri even sold out early last week. We are also thankful to our stallholders such as Love St Bagels, who adapted their usual offerings to incorporate strawberries and show support.

Whilst the scare has caused some alarm, it has also resulted in a push to buy local and support our farmers. WIN News Canberra dropped by the market and ran a story on Canberra’s Strawberry Support.

Strawberries are delicious this time of year, so continue your support and cut them up, don’t cut them out. If you are looking for some fresh inspiration on how to use your strawberries, why not try putting them in smoothies, making jam, or whipping up a strawberry-themed dessert.

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