Hot Topic: Farmers Market foods use low food miles

While the fat man in red travels laps around the world on Christmas night delivering all the toys to all the boys and girls, aren’t you glad your Farmers Market food doesn’t have to travel that far to make it to you? In fact, shopping at our Market is one of the best ways to ensure a very short distance from paddock to plate. Shipping methods used by large supermarket chains use vast amounts of natural resources and contribute to pollution. This is because they often receive their produce from hundreds, if not thousands of miles away – even from overseas. The refrigeration involved to keep food fresh also has a big impact on the environment and on the freshness of what you buy. Farmers Market produce doesn’t have to go anywhere near that far from the farm to your table – in fact, most of our stallholders come from Canberra and surrounds, or within a three-hour drive from the capital. And many of our farmers transport their fresh produce direct to Market themselves. Low food miles is just another great reason to shop at Market.

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