Mar 03
Farmer in Focus: Brad Eberly from
Canowindra Farms

When the Eberly family took over Canowindra Farms in July of 2020 from another local…

Dec 01
Farmer in Focus: Allan from Clyde River Berry Farm

Almost exactly one year ago, while people in workplaces around the country were…

Dec 01
Farmer in Focus: Tracey and Ken from Harrison and Sons

With the year we’ve all had, it’s easy to forget just how devastating last summer’s…

Nov 05
Producer in Focus: Megan from Canberra Native Nursery

With all this rain and sunshine, it’s planting season! And let’s face it, with all…

Oct 08
Producer in Focus: Tony and Giang from
Bush Bread of Australia

One of the nicest things about our Market is that people keep coming back for the…

Sep 02
Farmer in Focus: Byron and Ruth from Banjo’s Paddock

We’ve known the benefits of leafy greens as an important part of a healthy diet for…

Aug 05
Farmer in Focus: Gloria from Leaning Oak Cheese

Say Cheeeeese! It’s a common catchphrase that always raises a smile for photographs.…

Jun 04
Farmer in Focus: Terry and Christine from Featherdale Chestnuts begin to heal after summer bushfires

There’s no doubt about it. 2020 has been a rough year all-round. Many of our…

Dec 05
Hot Topic: Farmers Market foods use low food miles

While the fat man in red travels laps around the world on Christmas night delivering…

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