Producer in Focus: Tony and Giang from
Bush Bread of Australia

One of the nicest things about our Market is that people keep coming back for the products and the people that they love. For Tony and Giang from Bush Bread of Australia, they have a strong following of loyal customers who visit them each week for their assortment of breads and bakery treats that they have come to know and love over many years. There’s those that visit to pick up the very popular stone ground organic rye sourdough naturally fermented bread, there’s the children who visit for a special treat of lamingtons or banana bread, and there’s the families who grab a quiche for a weekend meal. And Tony and Giang are there to greet them with a smile each and every week. Tony is the baker, making all products from his Canberra base, made fresh for selling direct to our Market customers, and Giang is always there to help with the packaging and selling. The pair specialise in making wheat, gluten and dairy free bread so that many special diets are catered for. There’s fresh bread in many varieties including sour dough and Turkish bread, along with pastries and quiches. All are made from scratch with no preservatives. Tony and Giang have it cut out for them during seasonal holidays when people to come to Market for their very popular fruit mince pies at Christmas and hot cross buns at Easter. Pop in and see Tony and Giang and get your bread fix at Market each week.  

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