What’s in season: Asparagus

Spring means asparagus, lovely fresh asparagus. These gnarled green spears are ripe for the picking right now and a perfect springtime accompaniment to any meal. Scientific name Asparagus Officinalis, asparagus is a perennial flowering plant of which the young shoots are used as a spring vegetable. And what a healthy vegetable too! Asparagus is a great source of nutrients including fibre, folate and vitamins. Eating asparagus also assists with improved digestion and lowering blood pressure. It’s also a versatile vegetable – perfect for roasting, bakes and salads, and pairing beautifully with cheese, bacon, chicken and tuna. Head to Market to bag your beautiful fresh asparagus now from our friends at Banjo’s Paddock, John and Dora Andonaros, and Dilliro Vegetables (share farming with B&S Produce).

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