Farmer in Focus: Byron and Ruth from Banjo’s Paddock

We’ve known the benefits of leafy greens as an important part of a healthy diet for quite some time. So, imagine if you’re a grower of leafy greens and you know you’re contributing to people’s healthy diets, whilst also getting told regularly that your leafy greens are the best that people have ever had. How absolutely gratifying.

That’s what often happens for Byron and Ruth Saunders from Banjo’s Paddock, growers of certified organic vegetables, herbs and more, who made the move to rent a certified organic farm in Wallaroo just outside Canberra in late 2018.

The pair are familiar with growing chemical-free produce, having formally owned a small piece of land in Binalong where they grew fresh, delicious, healthy, chemical-free and locally grown produce. They were then provided with the amazing opportunity to rent an existing certified organic farm, Gleann Na Meala, which was previously owned by former Farmers Market regulars, Dave and Hideko Pentony, who are now mentoring Ruth and Byron in their first year on a certified organic farm.

Banjo’s Paddock use only organic principles such as crop rotation, green manure, and the encouragement of beneficial insects and earth-friendly products to keep the bugs away such as garlic and chilli oil spray.

Head to Market and meet the Saunders’ and taste the difference in their organic vegetables, herbs, fruit, nuts, micros and dried herbs on occasion. Super healthy AND super tasty!

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