Producer in Focus: Megan from Canberra Native Nursery

With all this rain and sunshine, it’s planting season! And let’s face it, with all that’s been going on, getting into some spring gardening is great for your body and soul.

Megan from Canberra Native Nursery is happy to help out with all your native gardening projects. Megan is a local grower of ‘Canberra tough’ Australian native plants and is a font of information about the plants that will work for you and how to get them to thrive in our tough climate. 

Grown on site at their rural property just outside of Canberra, Canberra Native Nursery’s plants are acclimatised to our local conditions and only pollinator friendly products are used. Megan has been a regular at the Market since February 2018 and loves bringing you a great selection of healthy native plants each week… along with her passion and enthusiasm for them! And she’s always happy to chat about what plants are right for your garden. 

As Megan says, native plants are an important part of any garden, as they provide habitat, food and shelter for local wildlife, birds and insects, and because they’ve evolved here, a lot of them are drought and heat tolerant and ready for the ‘boom and bust’ cycles of our changing climate. They also require less fertilisers, water and support than many exotics, so they give you a beautiful and sustainable garden for the long haul.

Now is a great time to plant some Australian natives from Canberra Native Nursery, including Kangaroo Paws, Callistemons, Grevilleas, Eremophilas and many more.

You can check out their selection at the Market each week, head to their website for a full plant list (with click and collect available) and remember to follow their social media for great info and updates on native plants.

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