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Farmer in Focus: Terry and Christine from Featherdale Chestnuts begin to heal after summer bushfires

There’s no doubt about it. 2020 has been a rough year all-round. Many of our stallholders were very  badly affected by the summer bushfires and have just begun to raise their heads up, only to be knocked down again by the Covid-19 pandemic and its associated restrictions. Terry and Christine Peel are the epitome of the hardship that many have seen in 2020.

This husband and wife duo run Featherdale Chestnuts, from their property in Batlow, and have been bringing their beautiful fresh chestnuts to Market, along with walnuts and hazelnuts, since 2010. Always a popular feature at the Market each winter, they experienced a truly devastating summer losing their property near Batlow including their home, gardens, working sheds, production facilities and 240 chestnut trees.

While certainly thankful that two thirds of their chestnut orchards were saved, and they are still able to continue farming, the loss of their family home has been a very traumatic experience for the Peels. Terry and Christine were recipients of funds that were raised by the Rotary Club of Hall and you our customers as part of the Farmers Market Community Bushfire Appeal held in January this year.

Featherdale Chestnuts would like to extend their thanks and gratitude to our amazing customers who contributed to the funds – the support shown made a huge impact during these difficult times. And they would like to say thank you to all their shoppers who have turned up with gifts and words of support upon their return to Market. You can continue to support the Peels by buying their scrumptious chestnuts available at the Market from this weekend.

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