IN SEASON: Autumn produce hits the Market

We think it’s safe to say Australia will be breathing a sigh of relief with the change of the season this year. As the air gradually starts to cool off, we can start to enjoy the produce from the most versatile season. We suggest you kick off the season with some figs, as now is the perfect time of year to enjoy them. Figs are much more useful than you might think! You can put them in salads, roasts or desserts. You can dry them, bake them, stew them, as well as of course, enjoying them fresh as they are. Pick some up this month from Lindfield Park, Hill Lock Orchard and Melissa Pure Fresh Honey.

But we’re not just welcoming autumn this March. With Easter next month, hot cross bun season (the best season) is also here. Three Mills Bakery and Origin Bake will be selling hot cross buns for the next month, so stock up now.

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