Producer in Focus: Nantinee from
Siam Siam Gourmet Thai Foods

Coming to the Capital Region Farmers Market has become a Saturday morning ritual for many Canberrans. Nowhere else in the ACT will you find such a diverse range of local and regional producers, and be able to get to know the growers, makers, and producers on a first name basis.

Some great news for those that love the ritual, and in line with ACT Government guidelines, we have just reintroduced our ready-to-eat food court area at the Market and have been encouraging our visitors to support these local businesses which have struggled the most during the past year.

One such stallholder is Nantinee from Siam Siam Thai Gourmet Foods, who took over the business in October 2019 and has been a regular friendly face at the Market ever since.

Siam Siam is most popular for their spring rolls and curry puffs, of which there are about 10 different flavours including chicken and lemongrass, green curry chicken, Massaman beef, and lamb with chilli and basil.

Nantinee credits her culinary skills to her grandmother, who would always be in the family kitchen.

“While I was growing up, I always had to be in the kitchen with my grandmother. I learnt my cooking skills just from watching and picking up what I could,” said Nantinee.

“I learn from what I see and what I taste, and I cook from my experience. However, my family back in Thailand have a restaurant business going, so every now and again I ask for tips and tricks from them,” she continued.

As well as their curry puffs and spring rolls, she says her range of curry bases in jars are very popular with people who want to try their hand at cooking traditional Thai food themselves, especially the satay.

If you’re not sure what to try when you visit Siam Siam, Nantinee recommends the chicken and leek curry puff.

“Some people might be thinking ‘chicken and leek curry puff – weird?’ but you really have to try it and I think you will like it,” she insists.

“It is this creamy style that works really well with the deep-fried pastry – a sort of tasty flaky combination that goes really well together and the aftertaste is really good.”

Asked what her favourite part of coming to the Market is, she says she loves saying hello to everyone who comes in and hearing about what they have been cooking with her products.

“It’s good to get the feedback straight from the customers, I can hear about the yummy food they’re making and can offer my advice, plus I know what people think of my food right away,” said Nantinee.

“We have a lot of gluten free and vegetarian options available too, so there’s something for everyone. Every now and again we have something special available too, so you’ll just have to pop by or you might miss out on it.”

Nantinee hopes to expand her business to provide more frozen meals for home, and frozen curry puffs. She wants people to be able to enjoy quality Thai food frozen for when it’s most convenient, so keep your eye out for new offerings from Siam Siam Gourmet Thai Food – coming soon.

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