NEW: Sweet Ama’lia, Dough It Yourself and Deborah Wray

One of our favourite things about the Market is that there are always new and exciting stallholders asking to join our community. There always seems to be new people to meet, new scents to smell, and new produce to bite into.

This month we are delighted to introduce you to three of our newest stallholders – Sweet Ama’lia, Dough It Yourself, and Deborah Wray.  

Sweet Ama’lia are creators of delicious homemade Greek sweets and more and will be joining us fortnightly from 10th April. Their treats are made with quality ingredients that are locally sourced wherever possible, and owner Emily puts a lot of love and passion into each and every creation. Traditional Greek sweets on offer include koulourakia, karithopita (walnut cake), kourabiethes (shortbread), melomakarona (honey biscuits), and everyone’s favourite – baklava (Saraigli, Souffra, and traditional).

Dough it Yourself are a premium cookie dough business based in Kaleen who will be joining us from 17th April. Perfect for those of us without the time (or energy!) to make dough ourselves, Dough It Yourself gives you everything you need to make your own fresh and warm homemade cookies in the comfort of your own home.

Dough It Yourself offer multiple flavours, including a classic chocolate chip, white chocolate and macadamia, lotus biscoff, and white chocolate chip. All their doughs are made fresh for Market in small batches, and each roll of cookie dough is hand-wrapped in baking paper that you can use when you get home.

Deborah Wray is an experienced cook specialising in delicious and unique foods for people with specific dietary needs such as vegans and vegetarians, gluten free, and dairy free.

Deborah offers ready-to-eat food such as cakes, patties, fritters, and salads specifically created for people with specific dietary needs.

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