Producer in Focus: Charlie from
Wollondilly Produce

It hasn’t been an easy journey for the Dimassi Family, making their way from Lebanon to the Capital Region Farmers Market as Wollondilly Produce, but we’re certainly glad they’ve found a place here..

Having left Lebanon over 30 years ago for the safety of their family during the war, the senior Dimassi family members settled in Tahmoor NSW, just south of Sydney along the Hume Highway.

With no previous experience of farming, but with help from the friends they made along the way, the Dimassis started growing fresh produce as a way to support their family.

And what a learning curve that must have been. To not only adjust to a new country and culture with young children, but to take up farming with all the challenges and unknowns that comes with agriculture in Australia.

Thankfully, the Dimassi family succeeded and we are fortunate to have them as regular stallholders with us.

Brothers Charlie and John have taken over the market operations of the farm and after almost 10 years visiting our Market, they have become familiar faces to many of our shoppers.

Charlie says he appreciates that it’s a market for genuine growers like himself and that he highly values his loyal customers that visit each and every week.

“The relationships and friendships that are formed between us, other stallholders and our customers is what makes the hard work all worth it” says Charlie.

“Our customers genuinely care about where their food comes from and the wellbeing of the producers, and it’s great to have their ongoing feedback and support.”

Thanks to their extensive network of greenhouses, Wollondilly Produce grow vegetables all year round at their farm in the rural village of Tahmoor, with some produce also grown out in the fields when the seasons allow for it.

Every weekend you’ll be able to source fresh capsicums, cucumber, Roma tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, eggplant, zucchini, broccoli, bok choy and figs. Charlie likes to experiment with new crops and we look forward to seeing him find success with new tomato varieties to come.

Absolutely everything sold by the Dimassi family on Saturday mornings is picked on Friday, so you know you are always getting the freshest produce available. Charlie and John are notoriously shy for photos but are always happy to talk about their farm and produce. You’ll also meet their young staff member, Lachlan, who helps the brothers out each weekend. You can find Wollondilly Produce at stall 143.

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