Producer in Focus – Kate and David from
Borenore Berry Farm

Situated 12km west of Orange, Borenore Berry Farm is run by David and Kate Dickson who have been selling their produce at the Capital Region Farmers Market for over 16 years.

The couple grow 9000 strawberry plants, as well as raspberries and blackberries, on their 35 acres at Borenore in NSW. Kate and David have been growing berries for about 35 years, giving them a wealth of experience and knowledge.

There are also a handful of horses roaming the farm to keep the family company. Kate says that the farm’s unique location lends itself to superior berry growing.

‘We have a special cold climate out here as well as volcanic soil, which berries seem to like, and it also gives them a beautiful flavour.’

‘We love the Capital Region Farmers Market. We missed the very first market when it first started, but got to the 2nd one many years ago, and have been coming ever since,’ said Kate.

‘We love our customers and hope to be doing it for a long time to come! Although age is quickly catching up on us.’

As one of our longest-running stallholders, Kate and David have had conversations with thousands of shoppers over the years, and their friendly faces and extensive berry knowledge is something we treasure.

You can find Borenore Berry Farm and chat to Kate and David about their famous berries at stall 178.

Here’s a video of David at the Market back in 2016:

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