What’s in Season – Pumpkins

A lot of people might associate pumpkins with Halloween, but in Australia pumpkins become a diet staple in May and June as we approach winter. Pumpkins are not only delicious, but they are also highly nutritious and are particularly rich in Vitamin A and antioxidants.

Luke from Luke’s Potatoes and Pumpkins may be famous for his potatoes, but we can assure you that his in-season pumpkins are just as great. All their produce is grown chemical-free in Brayton, just north of Goulburn, and harvested the Friday before each of our Market days.

Luke grows butternut pumpkins, which are famous for their shape and colour, as well as Jarrahdale pumpkins. Butternut pumpkins have a drier and sweeter flesh, making them great for grilling on the barbeque.

Other popular pumpkin growers at the Market include Ingelara and Mowbray Park.

Growing pumpkins can be a challenge for some in Canberra, but with enough space they can be a very satisfying vegetable to grow. Pumpkins grow on long vines, sometimes extending up to 10 metres, which means that you need to find a spot where the plant has room to roam.

Once harvested in autumn or winter, pumpkins can be enjoyed in countless ways – but possibly the most popular, especially on a cold Canberra night, is a rich and creamy pumpkin soup.

Got a hankering to make pumpkin soup this month? Why not pair it with some onion and garlic from Ingelara or Bolong River Produce, or if you’re looking for something extra special try adding chestnuts from Featherdale Chestnuts.

And no homemade pumpkin soup is complete without a good crusty piece of bread from one of our bakers, Husk Bakery, Origin Bake, or Three Mills Bakery

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