What’s in Season: Strawberries

We are just a month away from summer, and as the temperature rises, why not head to the Market and indulge in some of the sweetest and tastiest fruits around… strawberries! With their delicious sweetness, they make the perfect addition to any picnic, cheeseboard, or cake.  

It is believed that the strawberry as we know it today originated from Northern Europe. However, there are, in fact, many species found all over the world. Many cultures have enjoyed strawberries throughout history. A strawberry’s red colour and love heart symbolism saw them associated with Venus the goddess of love and sharing a strawberry with someone was believed to spell love. We definitely feel love towards strawberries at the Market. 

Despite their name, did you know that strawberries aren’t actually a member of the berry family? Strawberry seeds grow externally to their bodies, making them aggregate fruits. In fact, each strawberry seed is botanically considered its own individual fruit. That means that every strawberry you see is technically multiple strawberries in one (that’s a lot to get your head around!).  

The fresher the strawberry the better. When a strawberry is picked, the sugars begin to be converted into starch. We always have fresh strawberries on hand at the Market, brought directly from our producers. At the Market, strawberries are smaller and more tender than those found in grocery stores, and they are packed with delicious and concentrated flavour. 

We are very lucky to have a number of strawberry producers at the Market.! Come visit our strawberry producers C&D Camilleri Strawberries, Hill Lock Orchard, B&S Fresh Produce, Borenore Berry Farm (from late November/early December), and Yenda Strawberries and Figs.  

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