Producer in Focus: Greenhill Farm

Green and sustainable agriculture is the future. It benefits our environment as well as gives us the privilege of enjoying fruits, vegetables, and meat products that are free of harmful additives.   

Our producer in focus this month is Greenhill Farm, an organic beef farm based on over 1100 acres of Ngargio country, located between Canberra and the NSW South Coast. Greenhill Farm are pioneers of sustainable agriculture and dedicated to ethical meat production.  

“Our simple aim at Greenhill is to leave our environment better than when we found it”  

Sue Armstrong and Greg Oliver run Greenhill Farm together with their four children Jess, Andrew, Sarah and Tim (and the help of their kelpie Roger who ensures that the farm is always operating smoothly).  

Greenhill Farm understands that to create delicious produce, they need to look underneath the surface first. In the last 25 years, Greenhill Farm has planted more than 60,000 trees and have biodynamic structures with the sole purpose of enhancing and enlivening soil to encourage root growth and natural biological activity. This allows their paddocks and vegetables to grow naturally without the assistance of harmful chemicals.  

By placing priority on the natural strength of their soil and biological ecosystems, Greenhill Farm can not only create produce that is organic and delicious, but also ensure that their farm can operate in the future. As the agricultural industry demands a high turnover rate of products, a lot of the products distributed within the industry are created with the help of growth hormones, pesticides, and artificial attributes that can cause several health problems over time. The soil and environment also deteriorate at a much higher rate than with organic and sustainable farming.  

We’re very lucky to have Greenhill Farm as one of our vegetable and meat producers at Market, and we are proud to have the ability to give our stallholders the opportunity to purchase sustainable and organic products that are good for their health and for the environment.  

Next time you’re at the Market, come visit Greenhill Farm to find out more about the importance of sustainable agriculture and what delicious products they have on offer!  

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