Producer in Focus – Layimon

Our Producer in Focus this month is a familiar face around the Market, always sporting a contagious smile as he serves marketgoers with delicious locally grown vegetables and herbs. Pa La Mon Honsawatoi from Layimon approaches his work with positivity and joy, making every customer feel welcomed and appreciated.

Fourteen years ago, Pa La Mon and his wife Kot Ah left their home in Myanmar in search of a safer and more peaceful life to raise their family. While Pa La Mon was a skilled jeweller in his home country, he decided to pursue farming for the first time after arriving in Australia. Now Pa La Mon sells his own locally produced vegetables and herbs from his property in Pialligo, Canberra. We are so happy that his farming skills brought him to us at the Market and gave us the opportunity to share his delicious and fresh produce with the community.

Since 2012, the Honsawatoi family has been a staple at the Market, offering their locally grown vegetables and herbs every week during the warmer months. Known as ‘Mr. Smiley’ at the Market, Pa La Mon, is renowned for his infectious trademark smile that never seems to fade away.

Pa La Mon’s favourite herb that he grows is coriander, which he says is so versatile and popular in many dishes. Be sure to visit the Honsawatoi family to find your favourite vegetable and buy direct from one of our most local growers.

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