Producer in Focus – Boxgum Grazing

At Market, we’re all about spreading the love for family-owned and locally-run businesses. Our passion for farm-fresh produce is what gets us up every Saturday morning. We’re talking about the real deal – organic, farm-to-table goodness that nourishes the body and uplifts local communities.

Our Farmer in Focus this month, Boxgum Grazing, knows a thing or two about family-owned local farming. Boxgum Grazing is a multi-generational farm operated by Claire and Sam Johnson, located in the Hilltops region of southern New South Wales. At their farm, they produce delicious 100% grass-fed beef, lamb, and free-range pastured pork.  

With the mantra that “farming should cooperate with nature, not try to tame it” they are committed to holistic agricultural practices and ensuring that they treat their animals with respect while keeping the earth the way that they found it.

Boxgum Grazing describe their agricultural practices in one word – regeneration. They believe in order to produce delicious and high-quality products, they must have a regenerative approach to farming that mimics the natural world as much as possible. They produce their beef with what they describe as a ‘pulsing strategy’, that stimulates biological activity in the soil by allowing the cows to follow a ‘mowing–munching–scuffling–trampling–dunging’ process’. This strategy recycles carbon, and invigorates the biology of the soil, leading to regenerative effects.

“We only sell what we produce. When dealing with us, you are dealing directly with the farmer, and can get to know comprehensively the provenance of your food and how it is produced.”

Boxgum Grazing is a fine example of how local farmers take specialised care into the quality of their product, and we are extremely privileged to have them as stallholders at Market every Saturday sharing their products with us.

Next time you’re at Market, make sure you say hello to Claire and Sam and ask them a question about regenerative farming and take some of their delicious meats home to taste the difference yourself.

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