What’s in Season – Oranges

Welcome to the vibrant world of oranges. As the last month of winter unfolds, the Market is brimming with a delightful variety of fresh in-season oranges from our amazing fruit producers. 

Oranges have an incredible history that goes back more than 4,000 years. They were first grown in Southeast Asia and travelled to different parts of the world through trade routes. Fun fact: in ancient China, oranges were seen as a symbol of good luck and prosperity. Oranges arrived in Australia with the First Fleet in the late 18th century, shaping thriving citrus industries across the country. Nowadays, oranges are a favourite fruit all around the world, loved for their yummy flavour and the nutritional boost they offer.   

Oranges come in many varieties, each offering unique flavours and appearances. One of our notable fruit producers at Market, Auddino’s Produce, bring a variety of citrus every week for marketgoers to enjoy. Some varieties the have on offer at Market include: 

  • Navel oranges, with its easily identifiable navel-like formation, boasting a sweet, seedless flesh perfect for eating fresh.  
  • Blood oranges, revered for their striking crimson hue and raspberry-like undertones, offering a delicious tanginess.  
  • Buddha’s Hand, a super cool exotic citrus with finger-like appendages, known for its aromatic zest but lacking the typical orange segments.  

These colourful fruits don’t just taste good, they also provide a natural vitamin boost. They’re loaded with important nutrients that are super good for you. First off, they’re like little vitamin C powerhouses that keep your immune system strong and help you fight off those yucky illnesses that linger around in wintertime. Plus, oranges provide fibre, which is great for your stomach and helps you feel full longer. 

Oranges have antioxidants that protect your body from bad stuff called free radicals, and they even make your skin look awesome. And guess what? Oranges have potassium, which is like a superhero for your heart and blood pressure. They’re also packed with vitamin A, which keeps your eyes healthy and happy. 

The best part is that oranges are low in calories and fat, so they make the perfect guilt-free snack. You can have them as juices, in salads, or even as dessert. Adding oranges to your meals is an easy way to be healthier and feel amazing.  

In savoury cooking, orange juice or segments can be incorporated into glazes for meats, giving them a tangy and sweet taste. Try this orange beef recipe which uses dried orange peel in the marinade to add a bright and citrusy touch (you can also add fresh grass-fed beef from our stallholder Boxgum Grazing). 

Don’t forget desserts – from orange-infused cakes and muffins to rich and tangy orange curd, these treats are sure to make your tastebuds happy. A great and easy way to enjoy oranges for dessert is by caramelising them – elevating the flavours with a touch of cinnamon and often served with a side of ice cream.   

Make sure to drop by the Market to pick up some of our juicy oranges from our stallholders Auddino’s Produce and Prickle Hill Produce every Saturday.

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