Producer in Focus – Salads Direct

Recently we sat down with Jason from Salads Direct – one of our amazing agricultural producers at Market to discover more about his products and values. Read the full piece below.  

Salads Direct is a specialist grower of salad produce including lettuce, herbs, Asian vegetables and micro greens. The farm is located in Cobargo on the beautiful far south coast of New South Wales, 3 hours from Canberra.  

Jason has been in agriculture for 30 years and moved to the south coast 8 years ago, securing a small parcel of viable farming land. The thing that he loves most about the far south coast is that it offers a laid back country lifestyle and community with pristine conditions for growing farm produce. 

“We source seeds worldwide, as well as locally, for the best tasting and most vibrant salad plant and herb varieties which are lovingly grown and harvested by hand on our farm”. 

The farm production includes a mixture of growing methods, including outdoor soil-based hydroponic systems for specialty leaf products, organically grown produce and snowpea shoots in soil trays, pots and beds, as well as a soon-to-be-erected greenhouse as an extension to the farm. 

“The Capital Region Farmers Market was always on our wish list to attend, and after the impact of the bushfires and the COVID-19 pandemic, the farm had to seek new avenues for connecting with customers”.  

“We feel lucky and privileged to be able to sell to the public at the Market directly from the farm. In fact, the farm’s name ‘Salads Direct’ comes from the concept of ‘direct from the farm to you’. So, we are excited to have the opportunity and welcome connecting with every one of our customers!” 

Salads Direct is currently selling salad leaves and whole heads including baby cos, coriander, snow pea shoots with more varieties coming in each week. Make sure to stop by and visit Jason at Market to learn more about his agricultural practices and to pick up some of their delicious produce.  

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