What’s in Season – Asparagus

In this month’s “What’s in Season” spotlight, we turn our attention to a vegetable with one of the most distinctive shapes and characteristics in the plant kingdom, and one of the shortest growing seasons of the year: asparagus. At Market, our love for asparagus is undeniable. As it graces our stalls in spring, we can’t help but feel excited. With its incredible crunch and distinct flavour, asparagus proves itself as an exceptional addition to any dish.  

Whether found in a spring tossed salad or wrapped in prosciutto, asparagus shows its timeless appeal as a culinary companion cherished for centuries. With its distinctive earthy flavour, asparagus has the power to elevate dishes to new culinary heights, whether it’s roasted to perfection, gently boiled, or enjoyed crunchy and fresh.  

When you purchase asparagus from the producers at Market, you will likely be purchasing whole asparagus, meaning the ends of the vegetable are attached to the base of the stem. A tip for preparing delicious meals with whole asparagus is to begin with chopping or snapping off the ‘woody’ ends. These ends should come off easily, leaving you with a tender stem ready to be prepared for your unique tastes and preferences. We recommend pairing your asparagus in a dish with a sharp cheese (check out the cheeses from our incredible dairy producers!). 

Asparagus is not only a delicious culinary companion but is also good for you. Naturally packed with essential nutrients like vitamins C and E and folic acid, it offers a wealth of health benefits. Asparagus’ natural fibre content acts as a prebiotic, promoting a healthy digestive system by and supporting ‘good’ gut bacteria.  

Asparagus has a unique trait – a short and exclusive growing season that turns it into a highly sought-after vegetable when it arrives for the spring. Buying asparagus fresh peak season guarantees you enjoy it in its best form. And there’s no better place to enjoy freshly harvested produce than at Market. Straight from field to stall, our producers bring delicious and fresh vegetables and fruit straight to our stalls every week. Asparagus producers like Armanini Produce make sure that no moment of this short season goes to waste, offering delicious bundles every Saturday throughout spring.  

Make sure to visit the Market and stop by Armanini Produce to pick up some delicious in-season asparagus before the short season comes to an end.

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