Producer in Focus – Origin Bake

We recently had the pleasure of talking to Origin Bake, one of our bakery stallholders at Market. We delved into their rich baking history and got an exclusive sneak peek at the exciting products they have in store for the upcoming Christmas season. 

What is your background and what got you into baking? 

My name is Karim and I own Origin Bakery. I was born in Alexandria, Egypt and have lived in Canberra for the last 7 years.  

I have always been involved in the hospitality industry, ever since I was young working in my uncle’s restaurant making fuul and falafel which is very popular and served in bread pockets for breakfast. Some of the first sourdough was made in ancient Egypt and bread is eaten at every meal. 

I started baking when I came to Australia, and I was lucky enough to get an apprenticeship with Adriano Zumbo and worked at other bakeries such as Brasserie Bread and Organic Bread Bar in Sydney.  

What makes Origin Bake so unique/special? 

We bake every day using traditional and modern techniques and ingredients. We’re always trying new recipes with different mixes of grains. 

What do you love most about what you do? 

I love that every day is different. I work with a great team to make a high-quality product and enjoy making my customers food they will really enjoy. 

What would you recommend to new customers to try first from your bakery? 

I’d recommend our olive and rosemary bread. It has a good balance of flavours and is great plain or with cheese and hummus. 

What have you got coming up for Christmas in your bakery? 

We have traditional Christmas products like fruit mince pies and puddings. We also make sweet bread, cranberry chocolate, and marizipan stollens. Our lemon pepper baguettes and croissants are also very popular for holiday entertaining.  

What do you love about attending Capital Region Farmers Market? 

I enjoy chatting to our customers at the Markets, seeing what they enjoy and trying new products. I also like catching up with the other stallholders and the sense of community. 

You can find Karim at Origin Bake every Saturday providing delicious baked goods and treats for you to take home and enjoy.  

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