What’s in Season – Chestnuts

As we welcome autumn to the capital, we are reminded there is more to autumn than the changing colours of trees in the suburbs. As the weather turns and the days cool, nature offers us a delightful treat – chestnuts are in season.

For years, chestnuts have been revered for their rich, nutty flavour and versatile use in sweet and savoury dishes. Whether roasted over an open fire, incorporated into hearty soups, or transformed into decadent desserts, there’s room on any menu for the iconic chestnut.

Packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, chestnuts offer a range of health benefits, from supporting heart health to boosting immune function – something we can appreciate as we come into the cold and flu season! Low in fat and calories but high in fibre, chestnuts make for a satisfying and nourishing addition to any meal.

And, of course, we have some wonderful stallholders who have chestnuts in abundance. Featherdale Chestnuts have a bumper crop for us this year. There are several varieties at Market now, so pop in to see Terry and Guy at Featherdale to discover the perfect variety for you – we recommend any that can be enjoyed traditionally (roasted)!

One chestnut to try, and exclusive to Featherdale, is the Kunama Delight. Also available are two different sizes of the de Coppi Marone chestnut, which is Guy’s favourite due to its sweet taste.

Guy’s recommendation is to keep it simple and enjoy the flavours. He likes to sauté a mixture of vegetables in a good quality olive oil, add sliced bacon, and then add sliced chestnuts in the final minute or so. Simple but amazing flavours!

As the leaves turn golden and the air grows cooler, take a moment to indulge in the magic of chestnut season, and visit our stallholders at Market this Saturday.

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