What’s the buzz about Honey Delight? – June 2013

One of our sweetest favourites, Honey Delight, has recently moved sites to a new larger corner site at the market where you can find them and their delicious honeys each week. The move to the corner site has come about so that they have more space to promote the Canberra Urban Honey Project. As a direct result of customer enquiry and feedback at the market about beekeeping, Carmen and the Honey Delight team have developed the project which helps to educate people about bees in their environment, how to be bee friendly and make our city more sustainable. The project was the first agricultural related project in Australia to raise funds through Pozible crowd funding, and late last year they introduced the first rooftop bee site at Hotel Realm – a micro apiary of 4-5 hives. This aims to help Canberra be more sustainable as there are not enough bees in the city to pollinate backyard fruit and vegetables. Keep an eye out for the new Honey Delight stall where they’ll display information about the Canberra Urban Honey project, and are happy to chat about possible sites and how they best work. And of course you can buy their yummy varieties of honey including the new Paperbark honey, as well as the popular three packs of fresh honeycomb.

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