Fresh eggs, get your fresh eggs here! – October 2013

You can’t beat fresh eggs for taste and versatility. There’s just so much you can do with these little gems. The guys at Holbrook Paddock Eggs have the freshest free range eggs for you each week at the Market, and farmer Sam Pincott and his wife Prue have expanded supply over the cooler months to ensure there’s always plenty of fresh eggs waiting for you. Having never missed a market, Sam and Prue operate this family business near Holbrook in southern NSW. Their grass fed Isa Brown hens enjoy the true meaning of free range, as they are free to roam the paddocks as they please. The benefit of allowing the hens freedom is a premium quality egg – no hormones or antibiotics are used and the eggs are vibrant and as natural as you can get. Grab some on your next visit to the Market.

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