Galloway cattle added to Slow Food Ark of Taste – October 2013

Great news for regular stallholders and Galloway cattle breeders, Minto Galloways. Galloway cattle has just been inducted into the Slow Food International Ark of Taste.  The Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity is about preserving agricultural and horticultural biodiversity, to promote quality, taste and small-scale artisanal products and to preserve critically endangered foods and breeds of animals. For centuries Galloway cattle have been known for their superb beef quality. They efficiently convert grass on non-arable country into high quality, well-marbled, healthy meat. The meat is low in fat, high in beneficial fatty acids and has an excellent Omega 6:3 ratio. Greg Stuart from Minto Galloways is quite excited about the announcement and says it took quite a long time to achieve. “We had to meet the requirements of an Australian review committee and then an international review committee. The induction is based on a couple of things, exceptional taste, pure or in Australian terminology full blood cattle, and a risk of loss of those pure genetics.” Greg says much of the data was based on Minto Galloways cattle. Well done Minto Galloways!

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